About Us

Saint Francis Cromo Inc.

• Bereavement,
• Church Goods
• Fundraising
• Saint Francis Innovations

We are proud to announce that we have re-organized the above listed services of San Francis Imports Inc under the new name of Saint Francis Cromo Inc.

We have re-organized, because the needs of our customers are important to us. Our goal and our commitment are for zero tolerance when it comes to serving our customers. We will accept only the highest of standards for service and performance. We are committed to quality and value. We are committed to competitive pricing, no backorders, on time deliveries, and a knowledgeable staff.

We have incorporated the name “Cromo” into our name of Saint Francis Cromo Inc. to symbolize the bringing together of our more than 40 year history of hard work and dedication to this industry with the quality of products as associated with the reputation of Cromo NB (Milan Italy)!

We can offer you access to the Largest Private & Proprietary Collection of Religious Art from the Cromo NB Studios of Milan Italy, as well as the creative teamwork at Saint Francis Cromo Inc to bring you products that serve your customer base.

We have installed a sophisticated Inventory Management and Distribution System. This assures inventory is available when you need it, and allows you to track your shipment from our doorstep to yours.

Many of our people are the same who you worked with at the former company of SFI. This brings to us a transfer of knowledge and continuity of service by a smart and intelligent staff who we now call, our “We Care” staff.

We are a family owned business Serving the Religious Non-Profit and Funeral Industry for more than 40 years. It is a true joy for us to work with you in the very important mission of serving the faithful in your communities.

You can contact us at:

Saint Francis Cromo Inc
10939 Pendleton St
Sun Valley CA 91352